Artist: Nathan Byrne

Nathan Byrne's projects cross many disciplines to create site-specific installation and interactive works, as a multitude of techniques and media is often needed to achieve the sensorial and immersive experience he seeks. There is an aspect of dream, chance, and whimsy, as well as an explorative nature to many of his projects, and he intuitively combines materials to best convey this nebulous experience. Working with reclaimed materials he amplifies the natural resonance of the objects, as well as the innate power of the forms in relation to the environment in which it is being viewed.

A San Francisco Bay Area transplant, Nathan Byrne lives and works in Pittsburgh, Pa. He has B.A. in Sculpture from San Francisco State University, has held residencies at Recology San Francisco and Art Ark Gallery, San Jose, shown in multiple galleries throughout the SF Bay Area, and has two public works permanently installed at De Anza College, Cupertino, CA.